Stains and indicators
Four-step Gram stain kit
This kit is available with stabilised iodine.
Two-step AFB stain kit
This kit is a rapid two-step modification of the Ziehl–Neelsen and Kinyoun stains that does not require heating, separate decolorization steps or filtering.

Three-step AFB stain kit
This kit includes the traditional Kinyoun or Ziehl–Neelsen stains. Either stain enables the detection of acid-fast microorganisms without a fluorescent microscope.

Acridine orange stain
This stain helps detect microorganisms in direct smears by fluorescence, especially benefiting the screening of normally sterile specimens where a few organisms may be present.
Fluorescent stain kits
Our TB fluorescent kit M and TB fluorescent kit T contain the auramine-rhodamine stain. Rhodamine reduces nonspecific background fluorescence that may be present in either culture or clinical specimens.


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