Simmons Citrate Agar

For the differentiation of Gram-negative bacteria on the basis of citrate utilization.
Magnesium ions in various metabolic cofactors; ammonium dihydrogen phosphate to provide nitrogen; dipotassium hydrogen phosphate is the buffer; sodium citrate as a carbon source; agar as medium coagulant.
Formulation per liter)
Sodium chloride 5g


Magnesium sulfate 0.2g
Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate 0.2g
Sodium ammonium phosphate 0.8g
Sodium citrate 2g
Agar 15g
Bromothymol blue 0.08g
Final pH 7.0 ± 0.2
How to use

1.Suspend 23.3g in 1 L of distilled water , stirring heated to boiling until completely dissolved, dispensing flask, 121 ℃ autoclave for 15min.
2.Diluted and treated samples.
Storage: Keep container tightly closed, store in a cool, dry place, away from bright light. Storage period of 3 years.
Specifications: 500g/bottle



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