Weigao is the first manufacturer of pre-filled flush syringes in China and obtained the EU CE certificate of this product in 2021. The production adopts German B+S imported equipment, which has a high degree of automation, high production efficiency, uniform and stable product quality; Weigao uses advanced manufacturing technology to improve product quality and carry out digital transformation. Our goal is not limited to Weigao Intelligent Manufacturing, but to promote the "intelligent manufacturing" transformation of the whole entire device industry.


Pre-filled flush syringe is a high-end sterile flusher for clinical flushing and sealing of tubes, which can achieve the eect of real safe treatment and simple operation.
• Built-in sterile flushing solution (0.9% normal saline)
• Sterile locking ring design (to ensure that the liquid is not polluted during transportation and storage)
• Screw design (needle-free connection to avoid needlestick injury)
• Ergonomic barrel edge design (convenient for clinical operation)


Lock six zeros
• 0 pollution SAL 10-6 terminal sterilization, sterilization level is 1000 times higher than manual configuration.
• 0 particle Avoid particles and debris of glass bottles from entering the human body during configuration.
• 0 stab wound Needle-free connection can eectively avoid needlestickinjury.
• 0 waste Reduce the waste of 0.9% Nacl injection and ampoules.
• 0 configuration 16 steps VS 6 steps can eectively reduce nursing time.
• 0 infection Avoid catheter-related infection caused by manual configuration.

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