The Bionext treatment is indicated for second degree burns, venous, arterial and mixed ulcers, abrasions, wounds in diabetic foot, among others.

- Non-Infected Acute wounds, such as: abrasions and dermabrasion;

- Acute or chronic wounds with bloody areas exposure or granulation tissue presence;

- Venous or arterial ulcers with granulation tissue presence or bloody áreas, without necrosis and little serous exudate, serosanguineous or serohemático;

- Ulcers diabetic neuropathy with the granulation tissue presence, without necrosis and with a little of moderate exudate serous, serosanguineous or serohemático;

- Pressure Ulcer (UP) class II (disrupted epidermis and dermis), since it applies measures to reduce pressure in place, such as changing positions; - Second degree burns after devitalized tissue removal;

- Graft donor zones; - tattoos and peels dermabrasion.


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