NonVascular Introducer set NonVascular Introducer Kit  Mini Access for NonVascular applications Access nonvascular introducer set Introducer System with RO Marker Introducer System - with Radiopaque Marker Tip

1.Intended use Used for single-puncture percutaneous access to facilitate placement of working guidewire for drainage procedure.


2.Structure and material

(1)The introducer set composed with sheath, introducer, stiffening cannula, 0.018*60cm guidewire and access needle.

(2)The introducer sheath is made of Thermoplastic polyurethanes, introducer is made of Thermoplastic polyurethanes, stiffening cannula is made of stainless steel, 0.018*60cm guidewire is made of nitinol and Platinum, access needle is made of stainless steel.


3.Function and specification

a.A radiopaque marker positioned at the tip of the sheath enhances visualization for more precise placement.

b.The sheath facilitates placement of the .038" working guidewire alongside the .018" safety guidewire.

c.The 22G access needle is designed to help reduce tissue trauma.

d.The coaxial dilator/sheath assembly with locking stiffening cannula is designed for over-the-wire placement.

e.The dilator/sheath assembly proximal taper is designed to ease introduction and placement.


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